Dora's Naturals is now in the HPP business

DORA'S NATURALS heritage as a leading food and beverage manufacturer and distributor that specializes in organic and perishable products means unparalleled access to the knowledge and experience crucial for success.

UNIQUE access to the market, with strong relationships with over 3,000 retailers in the Metropolitan NY area; including traditional supermarkets, natural and organic retailers, and independent stores.

ABILITY to provide warehousing, delivery, and logistical support throughout the entire product life-cycle.

FACILITIES necessary to receive frozen and refrigerated products, offering 100,000 sq. ft. to store and inventory goods on site.

CLOSEST HPP tolling facility to New York City - the largest marketplace in the United States!

Recognized as a leading distributor of HPP beverages in the country, Dora's Naturals is now expanding its HPP capacity by acquiring one of the biggest, most productive HPP systems in the world - the Hiperbaric 525. Dora's is now offering a comprehensive solution to meet clients' HPP tolling needs - and so much more - in our new facility located less than 2 miles from our main office and distribution warehouse.

High pressure processing may offer the ‘greatest promise’ for delivering on consumer demands for safety and nutrition in fruit juice and other food and beverage products, US scientists believe.

- Beverage Daily

At a time when consumers are more informed and have greater appreciation for nutrition and the impact of diet on health and quality of life, they are demanding foods and beverages that are fresher, have higher nutrient content, are more natural, additive-free, and minimally processed. Alternative food processing strategies and novel technologies are emerging and are under broad development to meet consumer demands...among the newest technologies, HPP may offer the greatest promisein the early twenty-first century for delivery on consumer demands of health and safety.

- Illinois Institute of Technology's Institute for Food Safety and Health