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Watch Profits Grow With HPP

As a leading food and beverage manufacturer and distributor of organic and perishable products, Dora’s Naturals has unique access to the market with strong relationships with over 4,000 New York Metro retailers.

Our facilities, the closest to NYC, have the ability to provide warehousing, delivery, and logistics support throughout the entire product life cycle, while also being able to receive frozen and refrigerated products.

Watch Profits Grow With HPP.

Food Safety

Destroys harmful bacteria and pathogens, without getting rid of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Longer Shelf-life

This high pressure process greatly extends the product shelf-life.

Consumer Demands

People seek convenient, functional foods with higher quality, taste, and nutrition without preservatives.


The process uses only recycled water and electricity.

Tastes Great

No chemicals or heat means the foods/drinks don’t lose their flavor, appearance, texture, or taste.

Clean & Natural

Eliminates the need for unnecessary additives, allowing products to retain the “Clean Label” marketing advantage.

How it works.

HPP uses pressure not heat or chemicals on sealed foods and beverages to eliminate microorganisms, extending the shelf life and guaranteeing food safety. 

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uses up to 87,000 psi

eliminates 99.9% of bacteria

Dora’s Naturals is the premiere perishable beverage distribution company in the United States.

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